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Sundharam & Varshney, “Banking Theory Law & Practice, ... Varshney P.N., “ Banking Law and Practice” Sultan chand & sons:2005 ... 95CAF5CEC986ArtVPF.pdf
Banking Theory, Law and Practice ... Law & Practice – Sundaram and Varshney, Sultan Chand Company, ... K.P.M. Sundharam and Sundharam, ...

BANKING THEORY, LAW AND PRACTICE ... Sundharam and Varshney, Banking theory Law & Practice, Sultan Chand & Sons., New Delhi. 2. Banking Regulation Act, 1949. 3.
K.P.M. Sundharam, P.N. Varshney, Banking Theory Law & Practice - Sultan ... Banking Law, Theory and Practice – Sundaram and Varshney – Sultan Chand Co., 2.