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 ABUL FAZAL (1561-1602) Persian scholar patronised by Akbar , wrote Akbar Nama and Ain-e-Akbari. ...  EZHUTHACHCHAN, THUNCHATHU RAMANUJAN (16th Century AD) ...
Abul Fazl: Ain-e-Akbari i. Ain Khazina-i-Abadi ii. Ain-e-Shabistan-e-Iqbal. 5 Book Recommended: (a) Sukhan wa Sukhanwaran by Badiuz Zaman Farozanfar.

mention of copper mining activity, during the Mughal period is in ‘Ain-e-Akbari ... occur aligned in a row in N25°E-S25°W direction over a strike length of 2.9 km.
—Dr. F.E. Kaey EDUCATIONAL INSTITUTES ... Fazal’s comments in his famous work Ain-e-Akbari to the effect that in every country, and especially
Akbarnamah and Ain-e-Akbari is a fine piece of literature. From there we get a good deal of information about Akbar and his times. Faizi wrote beautiful Persian poetry.
Ain-e-Akbari records Saran as one of the six Sarkars (Revenue Divisions) constituting the province of Bihar. At the time of grant of Diwani to the East
accounts of Ain-i-Akbari it is evident that Raja Mukunda Dev of Chalukya dynasty had built a palace in the Barabati fort. This palace had nine ‚asianas™.
and translation of Ain-i-Akbari. Excerpt: from the Ain-i-Akbari Discussion: Ways in which historians have used the text to reconstruct history.
Ain-I-Akbari 16.8.12 To 18.8.12 3 Theme-8 (Cont.) Excerpt:- From the Ain-I-Akbari Discussion:-use of text by historians to reconstruct history.Ways in which
mention in ‘Ain-e-Akbari’ or any other archeological records. This shows that it does not have a long history of cultivation in this country. Probably it
Key words: - Historiography, Historians, Muhnot Nainsee, Abul Fazl , Khyat, Vigat, Ain E Akbari, Akbarnama. Introduction Without having, a thorough understanding
limit (e.g EC, F, As, Fe) As (In pockets of Sonepur, Dighwara, ... historical record in the Ain-E-Akbari. East India Company in 1765 considered Saran
Ain-e-Akbari – Mughal King Akbar (16th Century) 1872 – the first systematic Census conducted all over India (non synchronous) 1881 – the first synchronous ...
... the Arthashastra of Kautilya, the Ain-e-Akbari of the Mugal King Akbar etc. However the first systematic Census in India was conducted during the British Raj in
The Ain-E-Akbari a great work of Abul Fazal narrated Puri as the city of Purushottama. Puri is an important ancient town of Orissa. It always attracts number of pilgrims,
be traced back to Kautilaya ˇs ˘Arthshastra ˇ and in ˘Ain - e - Akbari ˇ. ... houselisting operations i.e. first phase included information on following items:-
During the reign of Akbar, Abul Fazal compiled the Ain-E-Akbari containing comprehensive data on population, industry, wealth and characteristics of population.
in Ain-e-Akbari (part 1), written by Abul fazal, who also mentions that the territory of Punjab was divided into two provinces, Lahore and Multan.
Pakistan annually produces about 13.0 million tons of fruits and famous book Ain-e-Akbari by Moghul Emperor Akbar the great; vegetables.
Ain-e-Akbari 1595-96 First systematic census conducted all over India (non-synchronous) 1872 (1865-1872) First Synchronous Census conducted all over India 1881