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Zahiruddin Babar, Babarnama, Eng. Trans. A.S. Beveridge. 2 Vols. New ... Medieval India and Hindi Bhakti Poetry- A Socio-Cultural Study, New Delhi, 1996.
• ‘Sufi Element in Padmawat’, (in Hindi), Abhinav Bharti-2008-9, page 33-40, Dept. of Hindi, ... Beena Rani ‘Babarnama’ pothichitron ka vivechnatmak

INTRODUCTION A good deal of ... Babarnama recorded it. Emperor Jehangir was the greatest naturalist ... He learnt the local languages i.e. Hindi and Kumaoni
Numerous verses in the Hindi language are still extant of him containing important theological truths. Bahraich is a large town on the banks of the river Sarju.