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Parts of this talk have been used at EGSnrc/BEAMnrc courses and all of ... The EGSnrc User’s Manual. Rogers: ICCR 2013: Transport Parameter Selection in EGSnrc 5 of 74.
1 Clinical User Manual for XVI (2006) produced by Elekta Limited (Crawley, UK). ... the BEAMnrc simulation, the XCOM cross-sections were selected with AP and PCUT set to

user-code for 3-dimensional absorbed dose calculations. EGSnrc ... Rogers, B. alters, and I. Kawrakow “BEAMnrc Users Manual” NRC Report PIRS 509(a) ...
ence in 1977 and are still included in the instruction manual ... butions of these beams were calculated using a BEAMnrc ... using the EGSnrc “g” user-code.
• EGS4, EGSnrc, BEAMnrc (National Research Council of Canada) • Penelope (Facultat de Fisica (ECM), Universitat de Barcelona) ... –User's manual (in English!)
BEAMnrc User Manual, PIRS-0509. Canada [7] Walters, B, et al. 2006. DOSXYZnrc Users Manual, PIRS-794revB. Canada [8] Fogliata, A, et al. 2007.
PIRS–509: BEAMnrc manual PIRS–794: DOSXYZnrc manual SLAC–265: original EGS4 manual ... TODO list: give the user the option to easily implement and use
BEAMnrc Users Manual, ... NRC User Codes for EGSnrc, D.W.O. Rogers, I. Kawrakow, J.P. Seuntjens, B.R.B. Walters and E. Mainegra-Hing, PIRS-702(revB) (2005)
DOSXYZnrc User's Manual ... 4.2.3.Técnicas de reducción de varianza en BEAMnrc 4.2.4.Ficheros de Espacios de Fase (PSD) 4.2.5.Trazado de la historia de las particulas.