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D.C. Motor Drives:Control of Rectifier fed DC drives, chopper Controlled DC drives, Closed loop ... 2 R. Krishnan – Electric Motor Drives 3 W. Leonhard ...
respect to rotor position (Krishnan, 2001; Miller, 1989). The instantaneous torque (T) produced in ... performance adaptive control system for SRM drives.

20. D. W. Novotny, T. A. Lipo, Vector Control and Dynamics of AC Drives, Oxford ... Marian P. Kazmierkowski, R. Krishnan, Frede Blaabjerg, Control in Power ...
[11]S. Thangaprakash and A. Krishnan, “Integrated control algorithm for ... systems and solid state control of electrical drives. He has published more
drives due to its ease of implementation and fast current ... The vector control of the PM synchronous motor is derived ... P. Pillay and R. Krishnan, ...
Krishnan, Electric Drives, 1st Edition Prentice Hall 3. M. E. ... Control of AC Machines – vector control (field oriented control) and simulation of AC machines using
Comparison of Control Techniques for Three-Phase ... R. Krishnan and F. Blaabjerg, Control in Power ... Rectifiers in AC Adjustable Speed Drives”, ...
R.Krishnan :Electric Motor Drives – PHI publication 3. B K Bose :Modern Power Electronics and AC drives, Pearson ... Self control synchronous motor drives.
E-mail: ... Variable frequency drives can be used to control the speed and torque
Motor Drives, Bi-directional Converters and Harmonic Standards [1] R. Krishnan, "Electronic Control of Machines," Lecture Notes for EE 4324, Bradley
MOTOR DRIVES R. Krishnan — Fellow, IEEE The Bradley Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering ... include electric motor drives and applied control.
Power Electronic Control of DC Drives 7. Power Quality 8. Programmable Logic controllers and applications ... Analysis & control -R. Krishnan- Pearson Education