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With the permission of Gus Dur and the Kiais (the venerated Moslem religious teachers) a number of Church building, ...
query is a nick name such as “Gus Dur” (nick name for Abdurrahman Wahid). Wikipedia use the redirect link to avoid same entity occurring

Gus Dur di Jawa Timur dan sebagian Jawa Tengah, yang kemungkinan akan melakukan cara-cara inkonstitusional dalam mengekspresikan dukungan mereka kepada Gus Dur.
dictatorship), Habibie, Gus Dur and Megawati (transition to democracy) and SBY (consolidation of democracy). The shift from charity to development, and then empowerment
Gus Dur was raised in a very traditional, religiously conservative environment. However he was given significant freedom to explore the many ways of living.
It was only after Gus Dur became the President of Indonesia in 1999 were the many discriminative laws against Chinese Indonesians abolished. Now, more than a decade
... (Gus Dur) of Indonesia, President Jimmy Carter of the United States and President Vajpayee of India. Establishing and maintaining a relationship with the ...
former presidents Megawati and Abdurahman Wahid (Gus Dur). Finally the Indonesian parliament commission 7 scheduled a hearing on the case for
GUS DUR AND THE INDONESIAN ECONOMY. Edited by Anthony L. Smith. Singapore: Institute ofSoutheast Asian Studies. 2001. xiv, 224 pp. (Tables, graphs.)
Gus Dur ternyata tidak tahu persis tanggal berapa sebenarnya dia dilahirkan. Sewaktu kecil, saat dia mendaftarkan diri sebagai siswa di sebuah SD di Jakarta,
of Gus Dur, himself a NU Muslim cleric, Laskar Jihad virtually declared war on the government whose leader it saw as kafir (unbeliever). Its distrust of
Gus Dur’s activities became more public, from 1991 to 1999, he served as head of Forum Demokrasi/Democracy Forum (Fordem), a group that aimed to criticize
Wahid, better known as Gus Dur, although a controversial president, was deeply loved and admired.
Gus Dur, the Indonesian people and the Acehnese at least had space to discuss the roots of the problem. And then Megawati came. Through imposing martial law in
Gus Dur defeated Megawati by 373 votes to 313 in the indirect president election in the MPR. JURNAL-vol-3.indd 133 12/8/2010 17:01:14. 134. Book reView.
KORAN BELANDA SEHARI SETELAH GUS DUR LENGSER Gunaryadi Delft, 24 Juli 2001 enomena terpilihnya Abdurrahman Wahid sebagai presiden RI ke-4, November 1999,
P3M STAIN Purwokerto | M. Misbah 1 Ibda` | Vol. 3 | No. 1 | Jan-Jun 2005 | 45-58 Islam Kultural (Telaah atas Pemikiran Abdurrahman Wahid) M. Misbah
maintain that Gus Dur does not have the right to bar them from party posts that they received from the membership through the Yogyakarta Convention.
By Walter Lohman Most Americans do not know Abdurrahman Wahid (more affectionately known as Gus Dur) - Indonesia’s fourth President. To American eyes, his ...