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Haken, H. Laser Theory (Springer, Berlin, 1984). 15. Mandel, L. & Wolf, E. Optical Coherence and Quantum Optics ... contributes 25% of the free carrier spectral weight.
H.Haken, H.C.Wolf, PWN, Warszawa, 2002, rozdz. 13 i 14. B o Poziomy energetyczne: ... (FID, Free Induction Decay) Czas, t. Amplituda. sygna.

... H. Haken and H.C. Wolf, Springer, 1995. ... Reports should be concise and free of redundant presentation of readily available information.
... the 2004 Wolf Prize Winner ... free public resource, ... http://www.cis.cornell.edu/Dean/Presentations/Articles/TransformingtheAcademy.pdf
Prof. Dr. Dr. h. c. Hermann Haken / Prof. Dr. Hans Christoph Wolf, „Molekülphysik und ... „The True State Of The Planet”, 1995, The Free Press, New York
Hurra, der Wolf ist da! 17 Hetzjagd auf Norwegens Wölfe 18 ... ner Haken dabei», frotzelte Stemm-ler sarkastisch: «Wir haben ihn vor-her ausrotten lassen.»
• Hermann Haken and Hans Christoph Wolf, The Physics of Atoms and Quanta, Springer, Berlin, Heidelberg, 2003. ... Just think of a free particle anywhere in space.
Picosecond Free-Carrier Absorption. Physical Review B 40, (1989) 2976. ... [Hak03] H. Haken and H. C. Wolf. Moleku¨lphysik und Quantenchemie. Springer (2003).
concerning the grading, please feel free to contact me or the TAs. ... H. Haken, H.C. Wolf, "Molecular physics and elements of quantum chemistry : introduction to
Haken H. and Wolf H.C., Physics of Atoms and Quanta, Springer, 6th Ed., ... Free Electron Gas, Band theory of solids, dynamics of electron motion and Superconductivity.
Haken & Wolf, Physics of Atoms & Quanta, § 22.6, 23.11 ... free expansion D ~ vt e Measure velocity distribution by time of flight expansion and shadow image technique
The mean free path has to be larger than the length of the instrument, in order to avoid ... 2.12 taken from Haken and Wolf for the H2-molecule on the right.
(ref. Haken/Wolf). The remaining two states can only drop back to the ground state by colliding with other ... The free path lenght of the electrons can be calculated
salt dicyanochinon-diimine (DCNQI) with a free metallic substituent group (e.g. −CH 3, Cl, Br, I) or counterion of the salt ... Haken and Wolf. Chapter 7, page 4
2. H. Haken, H. Ch. Wolf ... Enter the relevant description in the free field. Then go to “Display options” and . set the values on the x and y axes. 9.
• as a free parameter (we expect ). Ze rr 12, 2 11 22 22 2 ... pages 106-7 Haken and Wolf. 1 2 ... (www.sp.phy.cam.ac.uk/~dar11/pdf)
73 Excitons at High Density Edited by H. Haken, S. Nikitine. With ... G. Wolf 87 Point Defects ... 8.1 Free Energy of Defect Crystal ...
Haken & H.C. Wolf: Atomic and Quantum Physics, 2nd. ed., Springer-Verlag (1987), QC173.H17513, ISBN 0-387-17702-7 22. ... Holographic gratings are free of
absorption spectra of water (see, e.g., Haken and Wolf (1996, 2002) and ... free molecules in water vapor is more than one order of magnitude smaller
of electrons but our equation is free from mass and function of fundamental constants. ... 9 H. Haken, H.C. Wolf, the physics of atom and quanta, (springer verlog ...
Haken and Wolf and Eisenberg and Resnick are particularly lucid on the physics. 2/15/06 2 % ( Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy 2. The Spectroscopy of ...