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Character Of Indian Culture And Gandhian ... Accept And Establish This Constitution For ... The party shall use Marathi as the main language of communication, ...
Civics VIII 28 The Indian constitution and the need for laws Mathematics ... Marathi VIII 1 santvani German VIII 2 Indian Heute Ein Blick

Constitution of the Gomantak Marathi Akademy (GMA), a society registered under ... established and registered under the Indian Societies Act 1860 and that
English / Marathi / Hindi 100 2.2 Language : English 100 2.3 Financial Accounting – II 100 2.4 Human ... 4.7 Indian constitution 100 5.1 Income tax 100
Probably, it was used in the 1930s as a Hindi and Marathi translation ... While “the Indian Constitution has duly made special provisions for the social and
Development of Indian Language Speech Databases for Large ... languages recognized by the constitution of India are: 1) ... Marathi 155541 184293 1557667
MIL :Kannada(C-02), Marathi(C-03), Hindi (C-06), Urdu (C-07) ... 21/11/2012 Indian Constitution (A-96) (9 to 10.30 a.m.)-- -- 22/11/2012 -- Social Case Work --
Marathi Paper-II - 1 ... Indian English Novel 17. English Paper- (Optional) ... Indian Constitution & Government 54. Political Science
Marathi for building large vocabulary speech recognition ... languages recognized by the constitution of India are: 1) ... Indian Language TTS", Interspeech 2004, ...
Translated from the Marathi with an introduction by Arun Prabha Mukherjee Introduction by Arun Prabha Mukherjee Pp xiii ... before the Indian constitution
§ Bring Marathi Communityof North America under one umbrella ... First Major Constitution rewrite and adoption ... §Dialogue with the other Indian communities
Which article or Clause of the Constitution of India permits any body, ...
Indian constitution - Fundamental rights, Fundamental duties, Directive principles, ... Microsoft Word - Marathi.doc Author: Admin Created Date:
tary on the Bhagwad gita in Marathi, by writing in ... The new constitution of Indian Republic has accepted the principle of equality for all Indian citizens and has
Telugu/Additional English/Marathi/Hindi ... • Corporate Accounting • Service Management • International Business • Indian Constitution Semester 4
In 1920, Ambedkar started a Marathi weekly paper called ‘Mooknayak’ to champion. 32 ... Ambedkar is known as the Father of the Indian Constitution.
Rights of citizenship of certain persons of Indian origin residing ... Constitution, make laws for prescribing punishment for the acts referred to in sub-clause (ii);