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to IS 516-1959 and IS 1199-1959. III. R ESULTS & D ISCUSSIONS In order to compare the results obtained by adding varying
As per I.S. 1199-1959 on ordinary concrete and fiber reinforced concrete. 4. Compressive strength test:- The compressive strength of concrete is one of most

4 Methods of sampling and analysis of concrete IS:1199 - 1959 5 Recommended guide lines for concrete mix design IS:10262 - 1982 (F) Curing Compound 1 ...
[12] Indian Standards 1199 – 1959: Indian standard Methods of Sampling and analysis of concrete. ISSN: 0975-5462 5113. Title: Microsoft Word - IJEST10-02-10-107.docx
1199 –1959 Methods of sampling and analysis of concrete. 205-1992 Hard drawn steel wire fabricator concrete reinforcements. 205-1992 Cold twisted steel bars for ...
IS 1199-1959, the apparatus consists of two hoppers with hinged doors at the bottom, each in the shape of a frustum of a cone, and one cylinder ...
conducted on fresh concrete as per IS 1199: 1959. The specimens were cast in the cast iron moulds of standard dimensions.
8 IS 1199:1959 Methods of sampling and analysis of concrete Oct 2008 9 * IS 1343:1980 Code of practice for prestressed concrete (first revision) Feb 2004 1
Physiol J. 197. : 1199, 1959. 5. ADDIS T. AN,,D GRAY H., : Body size and organ weight. Growt 14h : 49 1950, . 6. PALLADIN A. V.: Biochemistr, oyf muscle training.
[18] IS: 1199-1959, Indian Standard Methods of Sampling and Analysis of Concrete, Bureau of Indian Standards, New Delhi, India.
... 1199-1959 Used for determination of fluidity of cement concrete mixture where the nominal size of aggregate does not exceed 38 mm. It consist of the following ;-
... 1199-1959 [6]. The ingredients of concrete were thoroughly mixed in mixer machine till uniform consistency was achieved. The cubes were compacted on a
Slump test Field IS: 1199-1959](Reaffir med 2004) one per every two hours working per mixer Compressive strength of moulded cement concrete specimen
... 1199-1959: Methods of sampling and analysis of concrete vii) IS:2386(pt.III)1963: Methods of tests for aggregate for concrete: Specific gravity ,density, voids, ...
... 1199-1959 Methods of Sampling and Analysis of Concrete, but distilled water shall be used in place of tap water. 25.2 ...
13. IS: 1199 – 1959 Methods of Sampling and Analysis of Concrete. Bureau of Indian Standards. New Delhi. 14. IS: 2386 – 1997 (PART I) Method of Test for Aggregate
above test was conducted in accordance with IS: 1199-1959. Testing of Hardened Concrete Compressive strength To determine the compressive strength of concrete,
The workability of the concrete was studied by conducting slump and flow tests as per the standard procedure (IS: 1199– 1959) (Figure 1 and Figure 2).
IS : 1199-1959 Methods of sampling and analysis of concrete. IS : 2770 (Part I) -1967 : Methods of testing bond in reinforced concrete. Part I : Pullout test.
34 Methods of Sampling & analysis of concrete 1199 : 1959 35 Recommended guidelines for concrete mix design 10262 : 1982 36 Concrete slump test apparatus 7320 : ...
(IS: 1199-1959) is a necessary adjunct to this standard. Besides, this standard requires reference to the following Indian Standards: ... 516.PDF Author: Vijay Lakhera