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Compliance: ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 Construction: High-grade polyurethane. All tags are manufactured in an ISO 9002 approved facility. Frequency: 134.2 kHz
2x12 mm Microchip Sterilized syringe for individual use 2x12m microchip with FDX-B technology in accordance with ISO 11784/11785 regulations PRIONICS ITALIA S.R.L ...

ISO 11784 & 11785 with worldwide !" June 2003 2001 t0 2003 efre far east pte ltd DATAMARS SA 19 Questions and Answers! How important are health issues?!
The HHR 3000 Pro is an easy to operate Handheld Reader for ISO 11784/11785 transponders. It is designed for on-farm use under ‘real life’ conditions and combines ...
programming and reading tags according ISO standard 11784/85. The RFID tool is intended for generating low numbers of tag samples for test purposes. The
ISO 11784 and ISO 11785 compliant microchips are commonly available. Equine Canada also recommends that all horses be scanned for possible pre-existing microchips as a
The portable reader I-Read of Royal Tag has an ergonomic form and combine an ISO 11784 and 11785 RFID reader and data collection. Nevertheless so small that they fit ...
Note 4: MicroRWD H1/HS or H2 versions do NOT support Hitag2 and HitagS ISO 11784/85 animal tag modes. Note 5: MicroRWD modules support 125kHz operation only.
lf 100-135 khz iso 11784/85, iso 18000-2 hf 13.56 mhz iso15693, iso 18000-3 (mode 1, 2) *** uhf 433 mhz iso 18000-7 uhf 840.3 - 844.8 mhz (prc*) 865.6 - 867.6 mhz (ec)
ISO 11784-85 ISO 11784-85 ISO 11784-85 ISO 11784-85 IDEA approved Operating temperature -25°C to + 85°C -25°C to + 85°C -25°C to + 85°C -25°C to + 85°C
ISO 11784 / 85 HITAG 1+, ISO 11784/ 85 ISO 11784 / 85 ISO 11784 / 85 ISO 14223 ISO18000 - ISO 15693, ISO 18000-3M3, ISO 18000 ISO 15693, Power Down Current [µA typ.]
an ISO 11784 and 11785 RFID reader for data collection. It is also small enough to fit in a jacket pocket. The IP40 housing of the I-Read make it
OEM Reader Module ABR105 – Small size, great Power The new ABR105 OEM reader module is fully compatible to ISO 11784 and 11785. With its small size, the adaptation
ISO 11784/11785 i předpisům EU, pro aplikaci nutno použít aplikátor, do kterého se nasadí jehla s čipem Cena za 21-99 ks 110,- Od 100 ks 99,-
RECOMMENDED IMPLANTATION SITES For dogs subcutaneous on the left side of the neck, behind the ear, lateral of the fourth to the fifth cervical vertebra
If a company uses OTP silicon, the ISO 11784 code must be stored in the manufacturer’s data base together with the UID (serial number of each single chip)
ISO 11784 is structured to allow for the recycling of numbers after 33 years, which exceeds the lifetime of most livestock animals. Though ISO 11784 was created
Product specifications: Frequency: 134.2KHz (LF) Interface: Serial RF-Power: 100mA Housing: Plastic/Aluminium No. of antenna ports: 1 integrated frame antenna
Technical specifications: Conforming to CE (Rohs) and ISO 11784 Dimensions: Length : 15cm x W:8cm x H: 3.5cm Diameter: 9cm, H: 3 cm Weight: 110 grams
to ISO 11784/5 plus EM4x02 compatible Reading range typ. 20 cm with HDX ear tag (30 mm Ø) transponders and typ. 15 cm with Agrident transponder type DTD 530
¾Strong support for continuation of ISO 11784/11785 with some minor modifications. ISO Standards and NAIS
ISO 11784 code structure Bit no. Information Combinations 1 Flag for animal (1) or non-animal (0) application 2 2 – 4 Retag counter 8 5 – 9 User defined code 32