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— are intricate, and the interested reader is referred to the surveys by Kamien & Schwartz (1982) and Reinganum (1989). Patent Races
Market Demand and Innovation: The Case of M-pesa Elsie Khakasa Onsongo PhD Candidate ... Freeman, 1979,1996; Kamien and Schwartz, 1982; Rothwell, 1994)

Size, competition, and innovative activities: a developing world perspective ... available in Kamien & Schwartz (1982) and, more recently, in Gilbert (2006).
employ in licensing was first analyzed by Kamien and Schwartz (1982) and Kamien and Tauman (1986). These articles focused mainly on the differ-
R&D PRODUCTIVITY IN THE PERSONAL COMPUTER INDUSTRY Gary M. Erickson School of Business, Box 353200 ... Kamien and Schwartz 1982; Acs and Audretsch 1990).
COMPLEMENTARITY BETWEEN TECHNOLOGY MAKE AND BUY IN INNOVATION STRATEGIES: ... size is positive, but not necessarily linear, (see Kamien & Schwartz, 1982; Cohen &
Functional Demand Satiation and Industrial Dynamics The Emergence of the Global Value Chain for the U.S. Footwear Industry ... (e.g. Kamien & Schwartz, 1982; ...
Technology Regimes and New Firm Formation Scott Shane R.H. Smith School of Business, ... Kamien and Schwartz 1982). For example, researchers have examined the
INNOVATION AND ECONOMIC DYNAMICS Walter G. Park ... could consult Kamien and Schwartz (1982) and Tirole (1988, chapter 10). Second, theoretical and
R&D Productivity and the Globalization and Industrial Diversification of European Large firms ... Economies of scope (Kamien & Schwartz, 1982; Porter, 1985)
ton Kamien and Nancy Schwartz engaged in a similar exercise ~Kamien and Schwartz ~1975!!.1 This article, together with their book in 1982 and an article
PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR ARTICLE This article was downloaded by: [Academy of Management] On: ... Schwartz, 1975; Kamien & Schwartz, 1982): given a research effort, however
TECHNOLOGICAL LEADERS, FOLLOWERS AND MANAGERIAL WORK PROCESSES Janna Woiceshyn ... Kamien & Schwartz, 1982 for a review), and the majority of the so called
Compensating for Innovation: Do Small Firms Offer High-powered Incentives That ... (Kamien and Schwartz, 1982; Scherer, 1965; Schmookler, 1972; Mansfield et al.,
Evidences Based on the Korean Innovation Survey (KIS) Dataset ... Source: Kamien & Schwartz (1982), Baldwin & Scott (1987), Cohen (1995), Symeonidis (1996)
Market Structure and Innovation: A Dynamic Analysis of the Global Automobile Industry Aamir Ra que Hashmiy and Johannes Van Biesebroeckz January 20, 2009
Endangered species, genetic capital and cost-reducing R&D GARDNER M. BROWN, Jr. and JOSEPH SWIERZBINSKI 1. ... 1982; Kamien & Schwartz, 1972). netic capital.
The invariance of market innovation to the number of firms Raaj Kumar Sah* and Joseph E. Stiglitz** ... Kamien and Schwartz, 1982; Loury, 1979; Stiglitz, 1986).
Complementary Resources and the Exploitation of Technological Innovations David King Marquette University, ... 1987; Kamien & Schwartz, 1982; Scherer, 1980).
The preliminary role of Intellectual Property in developing technology markets in ... Kamien & Schwartz 1982, Holmstrom 1989, Teece 1998 and Anton & Yao 1994).
BOSTON COLLEGE Department of Economics EC 730 Dynamic Optimization M. Kraus Text: Kamien, M.I. and Schwartz, N.L. (1991). Dynamic Optimization, 2nd edition.