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Jt. v.Chr. entstanden sein. Die Textgeschichte ist sehr kompliziert und praktisch unmöglich zu entwirren. Es ist mit ... 3 B.V. Raman, Notable Horoscopes, S. 1ff.
Hora chart for Wealth: We take the example of poverty, given by Late Shri B V Raman in his book Notable Horoscopes (Chart No. 73) Birth details: - born on

by B.V. Raman in his “Notable Horoscopes” hypothetically as 10.18 PM, 25th Dec. of 7 BC, all the planets are identical, except that in the Skyglobe you
(Source: Chart No.70 of Notable Horoscopes by Dr.B.V.Raman). This is a chart of an internationally reputed scientist. In this chart, mark the disposition