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diamond( 100) behaves like a double bond toward organic (a) Rubin, Y.; Khan ... A. Jagmohan. J .; Lyubovitsky, J ... for multiple internal reflection infrared ...
MSc in Organic chemistry; Master's in ... diode laser spectroscopy 1. ... 3. Jagmohan Tyagi 1.Analysis of elliptic partial

M.Sc (Chemistry) SEMESTER-I (COURSE I) (INORGANIC CHEMISTRY) Lectures-60 Max. ... Organic spectroscopy by Jagmohan 7. Organic spectroscopy by W. Kemp. 8.
JagMohan, “Organic Analytical Chemistry Theory and Practice”, Narosa Publishing ... infrared spectroscopy”, Forensic Science International, 1983; 22: 75-83.
1 Organic Spectroscopy Second Year, Michaelmas term, 8 lectures: Dr TDW Claridge & Prof BG Davis Lectures 1–4 highlight the importance of spectroscopic methods in ...