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1Dept of Biotechnology and Plant Tissue Culture, M.N. Institute of Applied Sciences, Bikaner, Rajasthan, ... Chawla H.S., Introduction to plant biotechnology.
Introduction Recent progress in ... Plant Biotechnology. Oxford & IBH Pub. Co., ... S. and H.S. Chawla. 2001. Synergistic effect of growth regulators and glutamine on

to biomedical and biotechnology applications ... Chawla, P. R.; Bajaj, I. B.; Survase, S. A ... A. L. C.; Oliveira, P. C.; Valle, A. S. S.; Barud, H. S.; Messaddeq, Y ...
UNIT-2: Plant Tissue Culture-Introduction: 2.1 Significance & scope of plant tissue culture. ... Introduction to Plant Biotechnology. 2 nd edition. By H.S.Chawla.
‘Green’ biotechnology • Introduction • DNA, Chromosomes, Genomes • Plant Transformation • Modern Plant Breeding ... plant tissue culture for PDF Author:
Chawla H.S. (2004) Biotechnology in crop improvement. ... Introduction to plant tissue culture Oxford- IBH publishing Co. Pvt.Ltd. 7. Slater, A. Scott, ...
Introduction to Plant Biotechnology by H.S. Chawla 5. ... Introduction to industrial biotechnology , principles of fermentation technology, screening, isolation
Introduction to plant Biotechnology Chawla 22. Medical Biochemistry Bhagavan 23. Biophysics an Introduction Cotterill 24. Organic Chemistry Vol -2 Finar 25.
Title: Introduction To Plant Biotechnology Author: H. S. Chawla, Publisher: Science Pub Inc Pages: 528 Published: 2002-06 ISBN-10: 1578082285 ISBN-13: 9781578082285