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CHAPTER III: LITERATURE REVIEW The Literature Review addresses prior research related to public spaces and provides a theoretical base for this investigation.
PUBLIC SPACE IN THE NEW URBAN AGENDA The character of a city is defined by its streets and public spaces. Having sufficient public space is a precondition for cities ...

1 Introduction Public spaces in urban settings are enigmatic: they are the result of central planning, through the creation of central plazas, malls, or parks, but ...
Places Resources . Urban economy . Fiscal systems . Natural resources. People . Housing Basic Services Mobility Urban ... Urban public spaces are needed to sustain the
PUBLIC SPACES - PUBLIC LIFE ... • from car spaces to people places • incremental process ... The Finest Urban Space in the World
Critical Elements of Great Urban Spaces A pedestrian tunnel under 72nd Street at ... Public places should be equipped to handle groups of people that can fill
Free Wi-Fi and Public Space: the state of Australian public initiatives 1 Executive Summary This white paper examines the transformation of public spaces through free ...
Seattle Downtown Parks & Public Spaces Task Force Report DownTown PaRkS ... creating successful urban public places. The group toured the parks, and engaged in many
The Value of Public Space How high quality parks and public spaces create economic, social and environmental value
35 Open Space Typology as a Framework for Design of the Public Realm Beverly A. Sandalack and Francisco G. Alaniz Uribe e-mail ? The urban experience
29 Page 24 Great Public Spaces Vision Page 224 This map illustrates the known locations of new public spaces throughout Miami-Dade County including libraries, museums,
Change in the Social Life of Urban Public Spaces: The Rise of Mobile Phones and Women, and the Decline of Aloneness Over Thirty Years . Keith N. Hampton1
2 PUBLIC SPACES AND COMMUNITY CRIME PREVENTION Abstract This paper provides a discussion of issues relating to public places, urban planning and
Public spaces in the urban planning process Vladimira Silhankova Faculty of Architecture, ... places with no functional use or only with traffic importance. In
Rethinking Urban Public Space in the ... has led to a reinvestment in the public spaces of ... The Vietnamese and Latina/o groups viewed public space as “places ...
Places in . the Making: ... public spaces, not corporate or do-mestic domains, ... city” in public places. Urban sociologist
Given the large variety across urban places compared in this ... public access to urban open spaces is unavoidability political, and human rights continue to be
Spatial Design for new typologies of places: in-between urban spaces. Giovanna Piccinno, Elisa Lega Abstract The territory of the third millennium is transforming the ...
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