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High Voltage Engineering- M.S Naidu & V.Kamaraju (Tata Mcgraw Hills) 5. High Voltage measurement techniques- A.J Schwab (MIT Press, Cambridge) 6.
iii) M.S. Naidu and V. Kamaraju (2004). High Voltage Engineering. Mc. Graw Hill. iv) E. Kuffel and W.S. Zaengl. High Voltage Engineering, Fundamentals.

ELEC5205 – High Voltage Engineering Unit Co-ordinator: DR SWAMIDOSS SATHIAKUMAR ... High Voltage Engineering RECOMMENDED MS Naidu and V Kamaraju, 1986
High Voltage Engineering [0070494649] Naidu, M.S. 3 2 5009, 5008 42 621.31913 WAD High Voltage Engineering [8122406130] Wadhwa, C.L. 1 4913 43 621.31913 NAI
610510 High Voltage Engineering M.S. Naidu , V.kamaraju High voltage engineering 3 rd McGraw-Hill 71361081 2
High Voltage Engineering by M.S. Naidu & V.Kamraju, TMH Pbs. 2. An introduction to high voltage enginnering, Subir Ray, PHI. Reference Books: 1.
High Voltage Engineering – by M.S.Naidu and V.Kamaraju, Tata Mc Graw Hill Publishing Company Limited, New Delhi – 2001. 3. Discharge Detection in H.V. Equipment ...
the points of high stresses by not allowing voltage line ... M. S. Naidu and V. Kamaraju, (2000), High ... Energy and High Voltage Engineering Walther-Pauer -
In high voltage engineering, an impulse voltage is normally a unidirectional ... Naidu, M.S. and Kamaraju, V., “High Voltage Engineering” 2nd. ed.
22 High voltage engineering M.S naidu 2004 23 Transducer and instrumentation D.V.S Murty 1995 24 Sliding Mode control in engineerinring 2002 25 Power ...
... M.S. Naidu and V. Kamaraju (2004). High Voltage Engineering. Mc. Graw Hill. iii) E. Kuffel and W.S. Zaengl. High Voltage Engineering, Fundamentals.
High Voltage Engineering by M.S. Naidu & V.Kamaraju, TMH 3. Finite elements for electrical engineers by silvester and peter, Cambridge University press
489 IKF'ULSE BREAKDOWN CEARACTERISTICS MD COST/BENEFIT ANALYSIS OF SF6/CC12F2/C02 HIXTURES D. Raghavender and H.S. Naidu Department of High Voltage Engineering
High Voltage Engineering MS NAIDU High Voltage insulation engineering Arora Hughes Electrical Engineering Mckenzie i smith HVDC Electrical technology KR Padyar
Naidu M.S.: High Voltage Engineering, McGraw-Hill, 1995 Denno K.: High Voltage Engineering in Power Systems, CRC Press, 1992 4/8/2011 High Voltage Engineering 3 .
HIGH VOLTAGE ENGINEERING AND INSULATION Syllabus 2005-HAIT 1. Introduction: historical survey, ... Naidu M.S. "High Voltage Engineering". McGraw Hill, 1995.
University Press, 1991.M. S. Naidu, V. Kamaraju, "High Voltage Engineering", McGraw-Hill, 1995. M. Khalifa, "High Voltage Engineering: Theory and Parctice", Dekker, 1990.
5. M.S Naidu, V.Kamaraj, “High Voltage Engineering”, Tata Mc Graw-Hill Publishing Company Ltd., New Delhi, 2004. 6.
High Voltage Engineering: M.S.Naidu and V. Kamaraju, TMH Publications, 3rd Edition 2. High Voltage Engineering: Fundamentals: E.Kuffel, W.S.Zaengl, J.Kuffel , Elsevier 3.
M.S. Naidu and V. Kamaraju, High Voltage Engineering 2nd ed., McGraw-Hill, ... covers a wide spectrum of High Voltage Engineering topice and introduces the students
iii] Naidu & Kamraju : High voltage Engineering , Tata McGraw Hill iv] Dieter Kind & Feser. High Voltage Test Techniques, SBA Publications. Star/Delta r
Subject:- High Voltage Engineering (Abbreviated as HVE) Periods Per Week ... Naidu M. S. and Kamraju V., high voltage engg. TMH publications second ed.,1995 2.