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* 5th April’09: 5th Alumni meet was ... G.V.S.S.Sharma, (Mech) attended a workshop ... on “Vibrations” to II & III Mechanical Students * 28th February, ...
mechanical systems (MEMS), ... Continuous vibrations Design optimization ... Rao S., S., Vibration of Continuous systems, ...

Rao,J.S and Dukkipati, ... TSE. F.S., Morse, I.F., Hunkle, R.T., “Mechanical Vibrations”, Prentice Hall ... S.S.Khanka “Entrepreneurial Development” S ...
... 5th Ed., by Neter ... Dynamics of Mechanical Systems by C.T.F. Ross ... Mechanical Vibrations, 3rd Edition, by S. S. Rao (99% same as 4th
... 5th ed, 1997 5. S.S. Rao, Mechanical Vibrations, 2nd ed., Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1999 6. G Kelly, Mechanical Vibrations: Theory and Applications,
Text: Mechanical Vibrations by S.S Rao, 5th Edition. Aleternate Text: A. Sinha. Vibration of Mechanical Systems, Cambridge, 2010. References on Matlab: Amos Gilat.
Rao, S.S., Mechanical Vibration, 4. th. ... Understand fundamental concepts of mechanical vibrations. ... FORCED VIBRATIONS OF 1 DOF (RAO) 16.
Reference : Mechanical Engineering Design, J.E. Shigley and C.R. Mischke, 5th ed., 1989. ... Mechanical Vibrations, S.S. Rao, 3 rd edn, 1995
Mechanical Vibrations (3rd Edition) S S Rao, ADDISON WESLEY, 1995, ... (5th Edition) RE Sonntag, C Borgnakke & G J van Wylen , JOHN WILEY & SONS INC, 1998
Course Outline: Read the sections indicated below from the course text book Mechanical Vibrations by S.S. Rao (5th or 4th Edition) beforeeachlecture.