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–use of SAE ARP 4754 & 4761 recommendations for complex systems, introducing a more structured approach for demonstrating compliance with aircraft safety objectives 90.
Complex Aircraft Systems SAE:ARP 4754 1997 EUROCAE 183523 ED-81 Certification of Aircraft Electrical/Electronic Systems for the Indirect Effects of Lightning

standards Telcordia Issue 3, NPRD 2011, and SAE 4761/ 4754A enhance the user experience. Key Benefits ... Airborne Systems and Equipment) and ARP 4754 (Guidelines
• SAE ARP 4754 Certification Considerations for Highly-integrated or Complex Aircraft Systems • SAE ARP 4761 Guidelines and Methods for Conducting the Safety
• Relationship to SAE ARP 4761 and ARP 4754A. 10.30 Refreshments ... AMC 25.1309; SAE ARP 4761; ARP 4754; safety critical systems; rtca-do-178b; do-178b; ...
Presented to: Federal Aviation Administration SAE ARP 4754A Linkage with DO-178 and DO-254 2011 SW & AEH Conference