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Cravens-Piercy, (2009), Strategic Marketing , ninth edition. Edmund Blair Bolles, A second way of knowing , Englewood cliffs, NJ : Prentice Hall,1991.
Cravens, David W, (2009). Strategic Marketing , Seventh Edition, Irwin McGraw- ... in B-to-C Electronic Commerce, Proceedings of Ninth ...

Cravens DW 1997. Strategic Marketing. Fifth edition. USA: Irwin ... Marketing Management – Analysis, Planning, Implementation and Control. Ninth edition.
Eleventh Edition Cravens & Piercy Strategic Marketing Seventh Edition Cravens ... Eighth Edition Peter & Donnelly A Preface to Marketing Management Ninth Edition
Ninth Edition David W. Cravens M.j. Neeley School of Business Texas Christian University ... Challenges of a New Era for Strategic Marketing 18 Escalating Globalization 18