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Brunton, Carol A Church going backwards? ... Buggy, John A Man of the Word ... Editor A Leadership crisis in the contemporary Catholic Church ...
and Leadbeater; Gurdjieff, Ouspensky and Nicoll; Paul Brunton; ... The spiritual thrust of SI is clearly obvious in ... are at the basis of the present world crisis.

• “The great mistake of all spiritual organizations is to ... (Dr. Paul Brunton) ... Anyone falling into a crisis yearns for release from
Brunton, Paul. The Spiritual Crisis of Man. London: Rider, 1952. 6. Fromm, Erich. The Sane Society.Newyork: Holt, 1955. 7. Camus, Albert. The ...
THE SPIRITUAL CRISIS OF MAN . A SEARCH IN SECRET INDIA DR. PAUL BRUNTON SAMUEL WEISER, INC. ... Paul Brunton had lived in Switzerland for twenty years. He