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(UBBL 1984, Fire Services Act 1988, Codes & Standards Recognized by Fire & Rescue Dept. etc.) 2.3 Spesifikasi Bahan/Sistem:
Building by Law (UBBL 1984) requirements in terms of provision of natural ventilation, i.e. fenestration area should be 10% of the size of a given room (Hui, 1998).

amendment to the UBBL (1984) was made in 12th April 2007 when the Certification of Compliance and Completion (CCC) was first introduced.
• UBBL 25 empowers the ‘qualified persons’ to certify in Form E that they have supervised the erection of ... UNIFORM BUILDING BY-LAWS 1984 FORM G 1
Laws 1984 (UBBL) 2) ACT 514 Occupational Safety and Health Act 1994 In general, this Act 133 prohibits commencement ... 14th SEAGC, Hong Kong.pdf Author: Gue SS
MEMATUHI UBBL 1984 DAN SEPERT1MANA SPES1F1KAS1 UJ1AN. 2. Lain-lain (nyatakan) : Sila kernukakan Borang Cll C2l C3 (diisi oleh pihak berkenaan) ke
Malaysia : UBBL (Malaysia Uniform Building by Law) 1984 (G.N5178 /85) Singapore : Building Control (Temporary Buildings)Regulations [cap 29,Rg.9]Regulation 4 .
Code (UBBL 1984). None-the-less, Fire Engineering-Performance Based design should not be used . as a short cut for waiver of essential fire protection systems.
“UNIFORM BUILDING BY-LAWS 1984 FORM F CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION AND COMPLIANCE [By -Law 25] ... contributed to the subsequent gazetting of UBBL 1984
... (UBBL 1984, Street, Drainage and Building Act 1974, Strata Title Act 1985, National Heritage Act 2005, Building And Common Property (Maintenance ...
sufficient time to evacuate the building and this is clearly specified in the various requirements of the UBBL 1984.
and Local Government has recently amended the Uniform Building By-Laws (UBBL) 1984 to ... action to adopt and gazette the said UBBL amendments.
in accordance to UBBL 1984, British Standards and NFPA Standards Inspection, Services & Maintenance of fire protections systems in
UBBL 1984 22 2.3 The overview of the current safety facets of high-rise buildings in Malaysia 23 3.1 Table For Determining Needed Size S of a Randomly
required by UBBL (1984). However, it is not uncommon to Corresponding Author:
UBBL 1984 (Amended) 2007, 23 March 2007 adopted by all stats on 12 April 2007 7. New Act: Building and Common Property Act (Maintenance and Management) 2007