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A Visual Dictionary of Architecture. Van Nostrand Reinhold, N.Y. 1995 Foreign editions: Chinese, German, Greek, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Persian, Portuguese,
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Visual Dictionary of Architecture : Francis D. K.. Ching Pattern Language : Christopher Alexander Timeless way of Building : Christopher Alexander .
Visual merchandising : the business of merchandise presentation /Colborne, Robert. ... A concise dictionary of architecture / Jones, Frederic H. Ref NA31 .J6 1990
Gilded Age in Newport Architecture Introduction (1880 – 1920) ... The façade (p. 24 of the Visual Dictionary of Architecture) is the front of a building or
He specializes in the theory and history of architecture and has authored A Visual Dictionary of Architecture and Construction and The Architect’s Handbook.
1 Kumpulan istilah arsitektur Tionghoa. (Sumber utama teks: Qing-hua Guo. 2002. Visual dictionary of Chinese Architecture. Image publishing. Mulgrave, Australia.
Visual Dictionary of Architecture: Ch. Building, Brick, Column, Concrete Force, Foundation, Load, Reinforced Concrete, Shell, Site work, Soil, Plaster Ward-
A Visual Dictionary of Architecture. New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1996. Ching, Francis D.K., and Cassandra Adams. Building Construction Illustrated. 4th ed.
A Visual Dictionary of Architecture by Francis D.K Ching ISBN#0-471-28821-7 Lesson 7: Newport Mansions The Gilded Age Text: Thomas Gannon Introduction: David
Annotated dictionary of construction safety and health REF TH 443 R432 2000 WEB ... Visual dictionary of architecture REF NA 31 C44 1995 WEB
 A Visual Dictionary of Architecture,; Francis D.K.Ching: Wiley & Sons, NY 1995  The Kaplan Series on Structural Systems (especially Q&A books)
Visual Dictionary of American Domestic Architecture. ... A Dictionary of Architecture .and Landscape Architecture. Oxford and New York: Oxford University Press, 2006.
Carley, Rachel. The Visual Dictionary of American Domestic Architecture. ... Architecture in Hawaii, A Chronological Survey. Mutual Publishing, Honolulu, 1993.
VISUAL DICTIONARY OF ARCHITECTURE - Short definitions are arranged around 68 basic aspects of architectural design, history, and technology.
A visual dictionary of architecture. NA31 .C44 1995 Ching, Francis D.K. Dictionary of architectural and building technology. NA31 .C63 1998 Cowan ...
A Visual Dictionary of Chinese Architecture. Qinghua Guo. Mulgrave, Vic.: Images, 2002. (NA1540 G83 2002
A Visual Dictionary of Architecture. NY: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1995. REF NA31.C44 Corbeil, Jean Claude. The Facts on File Visual Dictionary, French/English.
A Visual Dictionary of Architecture. New York: Van Nostram Reinhold, 1995. Crispin, Frederic Swing. Dictionary of Technical Terms.
Ching, F. (1995) A Visual Dictionary of Architecture, Wiley Publishing, New York. Ching, F. (2003) Architectural Graphics, Wiley Publishing, New York
A dictionary of architecture 720.3 P514d, 1976 Dictionary of architecture & construction 720.3 D554, 1993 ... A visual dictionary of architecture 720.3 C539 1995.
The Visual Dictionary of Art and Architecture takes the reader on a stimulating journey through fine arts, graphic arts, performing arts, photography,
The visual dictionary of architecture NA31 .A43 2008 Dictionary of architecture & construction 3rd ed. NA 31 H32 2000 Encyclopedias:
A Visual Dictionary of Architecture. New York: Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1995. B. Curtis, William J. R. Modern Architecture Since 1900. 3rd ed. London: Phaidon Press,
A Visual Dictionary of Architecture By Francis D. K. Ching A Visual Dictionary of Architecture This book defines over 5,000 terms relating to architectural design ...